Engine remanufacturing field 123


Engine remanufacturing? No, I’ve heard of mechanical manufacturing. What’s remanufacturing?


Engine remanufacturing is a process in which the dismantled old engine, after cleaning, selection, flaw detection and evaluation, is reprocessed to make the overall good partial engine with problems, so that it meets industry standards and reproduces waste heat.


Well, some people did. Isn’t that a retrofit? Wrong! This has qualitative difference with engine renovation, engine renovation is just a simple cleaning, assembly, and the engine is in the original engine on the basis of deep processing, has its industry standards, the remanufactured engine can be said to be the same as the new machine, and in some respects is better than the old machine. Today, LET me take you into engine remanufacturing, an area of manufacturing you don’t know much about.


First of all, we remove the engine body and cylinder head for cleaning, after cleaning to observe the surface to see whether there are defects, cracks. This eliminated some of the visible incomplete engines. And then they do a deep inspection of the selected bodies to see if they have any internal injuries, which means that the engines have not been damaged in the course of operation. So down, and an unspecified number of selected parts of the main surface of professional measuring, the key to surface on the surface of the degree of no more than 0.1 mm, any more than 0.1 mm will exceed industry standards, processing out also does not conform to the requirements, so that after the screening, the rest is fine, we want to deep processing of these products, That’s what we call remanufacturing in our industry.


The first step is to beautify the surface of parts repair, is to milling the surface, processing allowance is not more than 0.1mm. Processed on the surface of cylinder head and the body as beautiful as new, but this is not the main, the most main link is the cylinder head seat, rework and repair of the valve and pipe, the stand or fall of a cylinder body, the most main is depends on the seat and valve sealing, so we’re going to on the cylinder body of each seat and valve for processing and sealing test, In order to ensure that the specified pressure, only when each one is up to the standard, the cylinder head can meet the industry standard.

The next step is to remanufacture the body. The most critical and most easily damaged parts of the body are the spindle tile and cylinder. Our remanufacturing of the body is to bore and increase the cylinder of the body, and then carry out honing, so as to meet the original technical requirements of the body. These processes are processed in accordance with the original technical documents, whether it is shape tolerance, or its shape of the roughness and surface requirements have the same as the original product, and finally engraved on the fire tank, the remanufacturing of cylinder head and body is basically completed.

图片5Since the engine remanufacturing industry, has been questioned by everyone, the engine remanufacturing is really reliable? Here I can say, yes! As we know, at present, the world’s resources are being used less and less. To some extent, the emergence of remanufacturing industry also saves a lot of resources for human beings. Another remanufacturing industry, saving a lot of mechanical manufacturing links, such as sand, casting, but also made a great contribution to the earth’s environmental protection. Finally, the problem comes down to product quality. You can rest assured that the remanufactured product meets the technical requirements of the product, and because its practicality and timeliness are better than the new product, its overall mechanical performance will be better and more beneficial. Remanufacturing has long been a nationally recognized industry, and it is being developed all over the world, with discerning people eyeing the fat.