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Product quality above everything else

To ensure the company's product quality and strengthen after-sales service, effective implementation of "customer service, the user is responsible for customer satisfaction," the purpose of "quality assurance statement, machine tool products," according to the machine tool industry related companies jointly developed by our company to the user unit solemn commitment

Product quality is our fundamental


TENDTOOL implementation of total quality management, the establishment and operation of quality management system in accordance with international advanced standards, quality planning, management, control and improve on a mature and valuable experience. Companies from raw materials to finished products manufactured the whole process of the establishment of a set of scientific integrity of network management and control procedures, and continued effective operation, continuous improvement, to ensure that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements to ensure customer satisfaction.

Companies to implement total quality management, in accordance with the international advanced standards for the establishment and operation of quality management system, in the quality planning, management, control, improvement has a mature and valuable experience.
The company from raw materials into the factory to finished the whole process of established a set of scientific and complete management network and control procedures, and continued to run effectively, continuous improvement, ensure to meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, to ensure customer satisfaction. Mainly reflected in the following 22 aspects:
1 the management of the company to provide adequate resources, through the encouragement of the assessment and other ways to improve;
2 establish quality management and assurance system in accordance with the standards;
3 establish the quality policy and quality objectives of the company;
4 provides the quality responsibility and authority of each department;
5 establish a sound internal communication channel and a good communication environment;
6 departments according to the prescribed procedures to carry out quality activities, process activities are recorded;
7 to develop the company staff's job standards, clear job responsibilities and work norms;
8 to develop the company's qualifications and quality, skills training, provide a good development environment;
9 fully identify the needs of users, the contract review;
10 perform advanced technical and quality standards, design and develop new technology;
11 in line with the purpose of optimizing the configuration and customer satisfaction, to carry out the evaluation and procurement of qualified suppliers, purchasing materials for strict purchase acceptance control;
12 material inspection, mechanical performance testing, metallographic analysis, structural inspection and other inspection of raw materials;
13 the key parts, the key processes of the process control point management, continuous monitoring of special processes and records;
14 configure the monitoring and measuring equipment according to the requirements of the product;
15 strict measurement standards for testing equipment traceability, establish and improve the measurement and inspection system and norms;
16 regularly check and maintain the technical status and accuracy of the equipment capacity of key processes, and record;
17 in the production process is equipped with a full-time inspection personnel to test, to ensure that qualified products into the next sequence, assembly and factory;
18 in the product realization process using the obvious product, inspection status identification, to zero, parts identification and traceability;
19. Establish a nonconforming product review system and rework, repair products re inspection and assessment system, formulate unqualified goods corrective and preventive control procedures, and strictly implement;
20 to develop and implement a full set of handling, storage, and protection of the control, to ensure that products arrive in good condition;
21 there are specialized after-sales service management department and personnel, according to the procedures to provide services and customer satisfaction evaluation;
22 have a good internal improvement mechanism, through the internal audit, management review, corrective and preventive measures to improve the system.