Lathe fixture to the fixture  used to process the inside and outside rotary surface and end face of the workpiece on the lathe. Most of the lathe fixtures are installed on the spindle; A few are mounted on the saddle or body of the bed. Lathe fixture type:
Lathe fixtures are divided into centering type (spindle type), chuck type, chuck type, Angle iron type and flower plate type according to the different positioning methods of the workpiece.
1, centering lathe fixture: on centering lathe fixture, the workpiece is often positioned by hole or outer circle, and the fixture adopts centering clamping mechanism.
2, Angle iron lathe fixture: lathe processing shell, support, lever, joint and other parts of the rotary end face, because the shape of the parts is more complex, it is difficult to clamp on the general chuck, so special fixture must be designed. The clamp of this fixture is angular iron, so it is called Angle iron lathe fixture.
3, disk lathe fixture: the clamp of this kind of fixture is called disk, there are a number of T groove above, the installation of positioning components, clamping components and dividing components and other auxiliary components, can process the outer circle and inner hole of complex shape workpiece. This kind of fixture is not symmetrical, pay attention to balance.