The use of high-end seven axis linkage CNC machine from the space rocket thrust engine manufacturing, ship and submarine propeller processing to the plant production of generator rotor, the establishment of national industrial system and move without a device it is called “industrial machine tool”, supporting the whole heavy industry “machine tool”, also known as pearl in the crown of industrial…  Overall development of our country in the CNC machine tool industry is making rapid progress, high-end CNC machine tools on the breakthrough, in the full category and high precision CNC machine tools coverage is insufficient, but China from the machine tool manufacturing power to power is only a matter of time!  Proud of the motherland!  

Do you know what the five axes are?  


The five axes mainly include X axis, Y axis, Z axis, A axis and B axis, which refers to the five-axis linkage technology.  Five-axis linkage is a numerical control term, linkage is the CNC machine tool axis according to a certain speed at the same time to a certain set point, five-axis linkage is five axes can be active.  Five-axis CNC machine tool is a kind of machine tool with high science and technology content and high precision, which is specially used for processing complex curve.  In this analogy, the seven axes means that the machine has seven axes of motion.  Five-linkage refers to the fact that there are five axes in the numerous motion axes of the machine tool that can coordinate the movement at the same time.  Five linkage machine tool is a high-end machine tool, five axes coordinated action at the same time, the running path of the tool is a very complex calculation process, the software and hardware requirements of the machine tool are quite high.  The large propeller manufacturing technology mastered by a Chinese **** propeller company has been broken through to provide strong support for China’s aircraft carrier.  

Yet few countries in the world have the capacity to build large propellers.  China’s breakthrough in large propellers began with a propeller company, which developed a new seven-axis five-link CNC machine tool to lay the foundation for the manufacture of domestic aircraft carrier propellers.  





After more than 1,000 days and nights of work, The company finally mastered the technology to manufacture large propellers, which can be made up to 12.5 meters in diameter, twice the diameter of the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier propellers, and weigh more than 400 tons.  Since then, China’s large propeller manufacturing technology is no longer limited to foreign countries.  

 tonnage of 160 tons

The new seven-axis five-axis CNC machine tool doubles the efficiency in manufacturing large propellers.  Because of military manufacturing, and master the technology of the country, nature is not the technology export to other countries, but also strict technology blockade, the Chinese navy’s construction in full swing, it is enough to prove that our country already broke the relevant technology blockade, China * * * * group co., LTD., is shouldering the important mission,  Its high-precision CNC machine tools with seven axes and five links can be used to manufacture propellers for large warships. At present, the maximum diameter of the machine can be manufactured is more than eight meters. Despite its huge volume, its precision can reach 0.02 millimeters.  

 medium-sized propeller

At present, A propeller company in China developed a seven-axis five-link machine tool, which can process a propeller with a maximum diameter of 12.5 meters and a tonnage of 160 tons, which is bigger than the largest aircraft carrier propeller in the United States.  And in the processing speed than before also improved a lot, workers in the past two shifts, 24 hours non-stop for more than ten days to build a small and medium-sized propeller, but now the use of precision CNC machine programming input can be completed in three days.  





Since then, China has entered a milestone in the production of large propellers, and it does not have to rely on imports, so this technology is of great significance to the development of Science and technology in China.