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CNC Valve seat boring machine TL120CNC


TL120CNC is a new CNC machine focus on processing the different
Type of cylinder head.
◆Machine takes the modernized design concept in lightweight, high strength, high stability.
◆Customized high performance control system, self – adaptive triple Air cushion boring work head and spindle build – in high torque motor to achieve the high precision, high efficiency and consistency for all seat cutting.
◆The operation of touch screen interface is more simplify, fast and humanization.
◆Aim at the character of machine to design the feature of “JOG”, easy control the spindle rotated position, cutting bit stop in any position to avoid the blind area, safe operation.
◆Contain two modes “General cutting” and “Step cutting” in system to aim the different seat material, make up for the deficiency of traditional valve seat cutting machine.
◆“Manual step feeding” can be more easily to modify the processing parameter.
◆High precision “Electronic Pulse Handwheel, operation more flexible, laborsaving and more easy operation control.
◆New concept “Clamping System”, assure the workpiece rotation in -45° to +45°. More clamping fixture in faster and fastening.






Machine CapabilitiesunitTL120CNC
Max. length of the cylinder headmm/inchUnlimited
Max. width of the cylinder headmm/inch500/19.7
Max. height of the cylinder headmm/inch450/17.7
Crosswise work piece tiltingdegrees +45° to -15°
Maximum table horizontal travel(mm)mm/inch160/4.3
Machining capacity dia.(min-max)Φmm/inch16/120/0.6-4.7
Work head displacement
Sphere-Cylinder travelmm/inch 9/0.4
Max. spindle incinationdegrees 5
Spindle travelmm/inch200/8
Power of the spindleKW2.2
Spindle rotation speedrpm0-1000
Electric supplyV380V/50Hz 3ph or 220V/60Hz/3ph
Air pressurebar/psi6-87
Max. air flow1/mn-CFM300/11
Level of noise at 400 RPMdba72
Level of noise at 1200RPMLevel of noise at 1200RPM82
Net weight (approx.)kg/lbs1420/3130
Machine space requirements
Length mm/inch1750/68.9