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Valve seat boring machine TL120 Power


Features :
The TL120 POWER offers the patented new Triple Air-Float Automatic Centering system and its high torque and powerful motorspindle. Very accurate, all-purpose machine to cut valve seats and ream valve guides. Extremely versatile this machine will cut valve seats from the smallest to the biggest diameter. Thanks to its lightweight floating system. It will machine cylinder heads of any size from micro-engines up to big stationary engines.
Featuring a machine bed structure optimized by static and dynamic calculation, with a modern, modular and functional design, it can accommodate either the tilting fixture (+42deg to -15deg) or the hydraulic 360deg roll-over fixture with lateral up-and-down system.
The TL120 Power has a benefit of air floating table bars. Thus adding faster setup time and effortless shifting of any size cylinder head. This feature decreases operator fatigue and increases productivity.
◆Machining capacity .55″/16mm to725″/120mm.
◆Fitted with the new tooling that decreases the cutting force by 30%, this machine will cut the hardest seats.
◆Patented lightweight workhead: built-in spindle motor and triple air-float automatic entering system. Minimal workhead inertia and maximal floatation for unmatched centering sensitivity.
◆Build-In spindle motor. Broad torque ratings from lowest RPM.
◆Fully integrated spindle motor: Infinitely variable spindle speed, 0 to 1000r.p.m., with sensorless Vector Flux Control in open loop (extremely broad torque ratings from lowest r.p.m.). Digital spindle rotation read out.


Machine capabilitiesUnitTL120 POWER
Max. length of the cylinder headmm/inchUnlimited
Max. width of the cylinder headmm/inch500/19.7
Max. height of the cylinder headmm/inch450/17.7
Crosswise work piece tiltingdegrees+45°`-15°
Maximum table horizontal travel(mm)mm/inch160/4.3
Machining capacity dia.(min-max) Φmm/inch16/120/0.6-4.7
Work head displacement
Sphere-Cylinder travelmm/inch9/0.4
Max. spindle incinationdegrees5
Spindle travelmm/inch200/8
Power of the spindleKW2.2
Spindle rotation speedrpm0-1000
Electric supply380V/50Hz 3ph or 220V/60Hz/3ph
Air pressurebar/psi6-87
Max. air flow1/mn-CFM300/11
Level of noise at 400 RPMdba72
Level of noise at 1200RPMdba82
Net weight (approx.)kg/lbs1400/3086
Machine space requirements