At present, the demand of the international market shows the trend of customization and personalization. The transaction mode of on-site sample inspection, on-site factory inspection and product design adjustment is gradually increasing. Enterprises should seize new opportunities, explore potential customers, communicate more with peers, and increase brand promotion.

Enterprise leaders have said that since the opening of the Canton Fair, the pavilion popularity is prosperous, docking talks with a lot of buyers, not only old customers together, but also new customers to negotiate, purchase intention constantly, harvest a lot. I hope I can continue to participate in the 134th Canton Fair and gain more orders and expand the market through this important international trade platform.

The upgraded standard booth. He pointed out that the beautification and upgrading of standard stalls is a major measure to further improve the exhibition level and comply with the high-quality development of the Canton Fair. It is necessary to ensure the exhibition effect, meet the needs of enterprises and make exhibitors satisfied.

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