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Valve grindring machine TVG90


The TVG 90 is a high precision horizontal valve refacer for valve stems from 0.16″/4mm to 0.55″/14mm. Variable speed valve rotation.
* Horizontal valve rotation through fire face.
* Valve rotation speed according to valve head diameter from 0 to 750 r.p.m.
* Valve caracteristics:
* valve stem: 4 – 14 mm
* valve head: up to 90 mm
* Valve seat angles: 12o – 47o
*Grinding wheel (width 15 mm) balanced and driven by a motorspindle.
* Built-in grinding wheel dresser.
*Stem end grinding attachment.
*Simple and fast installation and adjustments.


SPECIFICATION Valve stem dia.(min-max)unitTVG90
SPECIFICATION Valve stem dia.(min-max)mm/inch 4 to 14 / 0.16to0.55
Valve head dia.(min-max)mm/inch12 to 90 / 0.47 to 3.54
Valve length dia.(min-max)mm/inch70 to 290 / 2.76 to 11.42
Angle grinding rangedegree10-54
Main wheel diametermm/inch200/7.87
Cup wheel diametermm/inch100/3.94
Main wheel widthmm/inch15/0.95
Grinding wheel travelmm/inch90/3.54
Valve feed travelmm/inch90/3.94
Spindle motor PowerW550
Spindle motor Speedrpm2850
Valve driving motor powerw100
Valve driving motor speedrpm120-750
Coolant motor power w100
Coolant motor power supplyK VA-V-Hz1-230V/1ph-50/60Hz
Air supply maxbar/psi6--87
Coolant tankL/US gal4/1
Space requirements(L*W*H)mm/inch1050*800*560/41.3*31.5*22
Net weight approxkg/lbs120/265