“Machine tool” which machine tool industry is an industry, covering metal cutting machine tool, metal shaping machine tool, casting machinery, woodworking machinery, workers gauge and instrument, abrasives, machine tool accessories, machine tool electrical appliances (including the numerical control system), and other eight small industry and more than 20 branches, is one of the most important strategic industries in developed countries have attached great importance to the industry. After the founding of new China, through the “one five”, “two five” efforts, China has gradually established a complete machine tool industrial system.

In addition to enterprises, before 1990, there were 8 comprehensive research institutes, 37 professional research institutes and enterprise design departments in the whole industry, forming a scientific research and development system of machine tool industry.

Since 2009, China has been the world’s largest producer, consumer and importer of metal processing machine tools for many years. In 2010, there were 6,367 machine tool manufacturers, employing 845,100 people.

With the rapid development of domestic equipment manufacturing industry, the market has a huge demand for high-end CNC machine tools, enterprises increase investment in product research and development, high-end new products continue to emerge, the domestic blank is basically covered. Series of heavy and super-heavy CNC machine, high speed and high precision nc machine tools, five-axis linkage machine tool, the complex numerical control machine tool, the flexible production line (FMS), CNC transfer press, automotive covering parts stamping production line, CNC machine, winding machine, large diameter CNC spinning machine and other products, categories, more complete varieties and specifications, The technical level has achieved better promotion and breakthrough.

During the “13th Five-Year” period, CNC machine tools special focus on aerospace, automotive two major service fields, focus on the reliability and precision of CNC machine tools maintenance technology, increase application verification and demonstration, to meet the new needs of national independent and controllable strategy.

The largest machine tool plant in China is Shenyang Machine Tool Group, and the largest in terms of output and profit is Dalian Machine Tool Plant. Once upon a time, Shenyang machine tool and Dalian machine tool transferred their machine tool manufacturing and talents to the whole country, especially the third line, and built a large number of machine tool factories.

1. Old “Ocean’s Eighteen”

“Eighteen Arhats” is an indelible memory in China’s machine tool industry. During the “first Five Year Plan” period, under the advice of Soviet experts, the state reformed some machinery repair factories and established some new enterprises, among which 18 enterprises were identified as the key backbone enterprises of machine tool production, known as “eighteen arhats” in the industry. During the “first Five Year Plan” period, under the advice of Soviet experts, the state reformed some machinery repair factories and established some new enterprises, among which 18 enterprises were identified as the key backbone enterprises of machine tool production, and were called “eighteen arhats” in the machine tool industry.

“Eighteen Arhats” and professional division of labor

Qiqihar First machine tool Factory: vertical lathe

Qiqihar Second machine tool Factory: milling machine

Shenyang First machine tool Factory: horizontal lathe, special lathe

Shenyang Second machine Tool Factory: drilling machine, boring machine

Shenyang third machine tool Factory: hexagonal lathe, automatic lathe

Dalian Machine tool Factory: horizontal lathe, combination machine tool

Beijing First Machine tool Factory: milling machine

Beijing Second Machine Tool Factory: shaper

Tianjin First Machine tool Factory: gear shaper

Jinan First machine tool Factory: horizontal lathe

Jinan second machine tool factory: gantry planer, mechanical press

Chongqing Machine tool Factory: gear hobbing machine

Nanjing Machine tool Factory: Hexagonal lathe, automatic lathe

Wuxi Machine tool Factory: internal grinder, centerless grinder

Wuhan Heavy machine Tool Factory: tool grinder

Changsha machine tool Factory: shaper, broaching machine

Shanghai Machine Tool Factory: cylindrical grinder, surface grinder

Kunming Machine Tool Factory: boring machine, milling machine

2. New “Ocean’s Eighteen”

In 2008, the authoritative magazine “Machine Tool Information” of China’s machine tool industry announced the “new 18 Arhats” selected by the industry according to relevant statistics. These 18 enterprises represent the highest level of China’s machine tool industry in terms of scale and technology.

New “eighteen arhats” and main products

● Shenyang Machine Tool Group: all kinds of CNC machine tools, lathes, drilling machines

● Dalian Machine Tool Group: group special machine and flexible manufacturing system, vertical and horizontal machining center, CNC lathe and turning and milling center, high-speed precision lathe and machine tool accessories, etc

● Qizhong CNC Equipment Co., LTD. : Heavy CNC vertical and horizontal lathes, deep hole drilling and boring machines, railway lathes, roll lathes

● Qi er Machine Tool Group Co., LTD. : all kinds of heavy machine tools, CNC milling machines and machining centers, heavy machinery presses and automatic forging presses and other special equipment

● Beijing First Machine Tool Factory: all kinds of milling machines, machining centers, super heavy machine tools, gantry machine tools and geological engineering drilling RIGS

● Jinan one machine tool Group: all kinds of CNC machine tools

● Ji ‘nan 2 machine Tool Group: forging equipment and large, heavy cutting machine tools, mechanical presses

● Hanchuan Machine Tool Group Co., LTD. : Machining center, CNC boring and milling machine, precision coordinate boring machine and precision CNC electromachining machine

● Qinchuan Machine Tool Group Co., LTD. : all kinds of precision CNC machine tools and castings, middle and high grade special CNC machine tools system, etc

● Tianshui Spark Machine Tool Co., LTD. : all kinds of lathes, grinders and special machine tools

● Qinghai Huading heavy machine Tool Co., LTD. : railway special machine tool, roll machine tool, heavy horizontal lathe, centerless lathe, horizontal machining center, etc

● Jiangsu Xinrui Machinery Co., LTD. : Vertical machining center, CNC lathe, SR series die casting machine, etc

● Chongqing Machine Tool (Group) Co., LTD. : all kinds of gear machine tools

● Sichuan Changzheng Machine Tool Group Co., LTD. : all kinds of milling machines, machining centers, CNC lathes and large special equipment

● Yunnan CY Group Co., LTD. : Export common lathes and CNC lathes, machining centers, special machine tools

● Guilin Machine Tool Co., LTD. : Longmen milling machine, sliding pillow milling machine and machining center

● Wuhan Heavy Machine Tool Group Co., LTD. : all kinds of heavy and super heavy machine tools

● Shanghai Electric Machine Tool Group: all kinds of grinding machines, machining centers, boring and milling machines, lathes and special precision, CNC machine tools

3. China Machine tool Eight research institute

Beijing Machine Tool Research Institute

Dalian Modular Machine Tool Research Institute

Chengdu Tool Research Institute

Guangzhou Machine Tool Research Institute

Suzhou Electromachining Machine Tool Research Institute

Zhengzhou Abrasives grinding Research Institute

We’re still missing two.

After 1990, all these institutes were transformed.

1). Enter an enterprise (group)

Chengdu Tool Research Institute

Enter China Machine Tool Corporation of National machinery Group

Guangzhou Machine Tool Research Institute

Enter the electromechanical development corporation of China machinery Group

Suzhou Electromachining Machine Tool Research Institute entered China Machine Tool Corporation zhengzhou Abrasives grinding Research Institute entered China Abrasives Industry Corporation of China Machinery Group

2). Technology enterprises to implement localized management

Beijing Machine tool Research Institute into science and technology enterprises, under the Beijing Dalian combination machine tool research institute into science and technology enterprises, under the Liaoning Province

4. Introduction of Machine Tool 18 Arhat (Part)

Shenyang Machine Tool Group was formed by the merger of three arhat factories. In that year, the production of horizontal lathes, special lathes shenyang first machine tool factory, the production of drilling and boring machines Shenyang second machine tool factory, production of hexagonal lathes, automatic lathes Shenyang third machine tool factory, together formed the Shenyang Machine tool Group this industry big MAC. Later, Shenyang Machine Tool annexed the famous boring and milling machine factory – Kunming machine tool, a set of 4 arhat factory, Shenyang machine tool group in the history of Chinese machine tool can be said to be unprecedented.

In recent years, the Ji ‘nan 2 machine tool ford project in the industry is very concerned. At present, Ford motor has purchased 7 high-speed intelligent stamping production lines and 2 blanking lines of JER for 6 times in 4 factories in the United States. Continuous order marks the ji ‘nan two machine tool stamping automation technology, quality, reliability to the international level. It is reported that the eighth line is under negotiation.

In the “eighteen Arhats”, heavy machine tools occupy four seats, is a force that can not be ignored. They include Wuhan Heavy Machine Tool Plant, Beijing First Machine Tool Plant, Qiqihar First Machine Tool Plant, Qiqihar Second machine Tool Plant, qiqihar First machine Tool Plant was later renamed Qizhong NUMERICAL Control.

The company has also developed and manufactured large circular seam welding machines for aerospace industry, CNC gantry ingot milling machines for large aircraft manufacturing, heavy duty multi-station automatic stamping production lines for key equipment in automotive industry, and rotor slot machines and motor slot processing machines for steam turbine and motor industry.

If the output value is calculated, eighteen arhat factories, heavy machine tools can be divided into a seat is good. There’s a fourth reason for 18. It’s heavy

The special status of the bed. Heavy machine tools belong to the extreme manufacturing, in China’s industrialization process plays the role of the finishing point.

Wuhan heavy machine tool factory is the most representative. Wuzhong is one of the 156 major projects invested and constructed by the state during the “first Five Year Plan” period of China. It is also the enterprise with the most complete product series in China’s heavy-duty machine tool factory. It has developed the world’s largest 28-meter CNC vertical milling lathe and the widest CNC gantry boring and milling machine in China.