Repairs to delay pool opening up,” which would likely require that the water be treated before being pumped into the pool, and then reljarvees.comeased, he said.

“That sounds like the best plan, but it probably won’t make it into the plan,” he added.

A spokesman for the company cited the need for “more time” to figure out how to address the issue, saying, “We are currently evaluating the possibility of opening an emergency pool,” but added that “if the necessary information is available as well as possible we are confident that our solution will work with all of our customers.”

And a spokesman for the City of Chicago, which owns the property, noted that it has received no reports of problems at the time 더킹카지노the pool was scheduled to open. The pool opened in 2013, but then was shut down to maintain construction of an additional parking garage.

The water, the company noted, was initially pumped with purified water, and then with natural gas, making the water potentially corrosive. But the company now says the water is safe to drink.

The decision to stop pumping the water for now came just two weeks after the city temporarily banned tap water from being used in some outdoor swimming pools because of “concerjarvees.comns about possible lead contamination.”